Welcome to my website!

Hello. My name is Eduardo Sorribas. I am a software developer from the Dominican Republic. I am very passionate about programming. I love writing code and I am very curious when it comes to new ideas or technologies.

I work mostly in web and mobile development but I have also worked with other different technologies.

This website is meant to show you a little bit about me and my projects, so start scrolling :).


This are some of my projects. Notice that this list of projects is personal and does not include any of the projects I have worked on while working with a company




Besides writing code, I am also a hobbyist musician. I play the ukulele, the guitar and the bass guitar. I play for a band called Dinosaurios(that's Spanish for Dinosaurs). You can go ahead and check out our website(it's in Spanish) and listen to our songs.

Contact me!

If you want to get in contact with me, here are some ways you can do so.

eduardo at sorribas dot org @esorribas (I don't use this much) @sorribas My G+ Profile